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How to - Specification - Roller Blinds Pelmets

Roller blinds pelmets specifications

All the product details you need

Roller blind pelmet features

  • Perfect for single, outside mounted roller blinds
  • Sleek, subtle yet distinguished
  • Adds a professional finish
  • Neatly hides the roll tube and protects it from dust
  • A contemporary look that will suit most interior styles
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for any room of the home

Sizes – Minimums & Maximums

Pelmet 95 is suitable for single or linked roller blinds that are outside mounted only.

Pelmet 95 is available in a single continuous length up 4800mm. 

*For common pelmets that require a wider width such as linked blinds , it can be butt joined together.


Find out about linked roller blinds for windows wider than 3 metres

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Width (mm) Drop (mm)
Minimum width: 250 mm Minimum drop: 300 mm
Maximum width: 4800* mm Maximum drop: 3000 mm

Extra wide roller blinds

If your window is wider than 3,000mm, linked rollers blinds enable you to place blinds side by side across your windows, bifold or stacking doors. You can keep any chains clear of the centre and the gap between the blinds is greatly reduced with the use of our linking brackets.

Our linked layouts give you the option to link 2 blinds for a maximum width of 6,000mm.

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