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Motorise & Automate product page - Retrofit Existing - Type A

Retrofit Roller Blinds - Type A

Retrofit motors into your existing Roller Blinds

Retrofitted motorised roller blinds made easy with DIY

Open up a world of possibilities and upgrade your existing compatible* blinds to our market leading Rollease Acmeda Motors. It’s never been easier to enjoy the luxury of automated blinds at home.

Motorising your roller blinds will enable you to take home living to the next level adding ease, convenience and comfort. Retrofitting your existing blinds with automation is not as complicated as you might think either. We have all the components and instructions you need to Do-it-yourself.

If it turns out your existing roller tubes aren’t compatible with our Rollease Acmeda Motors, don’t worry, we have a solution for that too with our Type B program

It’s never been easier to enjoy the luxury of automated blinds at home.

Retrofitting your existing blinds with automation is not as complicated as you might think either.  If your existing roller blind tube is compatible, you can simply replace your chain drives with motors - its that easy!

We have all the components and instructions you need to Do-it-yourself.

Let's get started!

Motorise your blinds and curtains now

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Why motorise your existing blinds?

  • Instantly add convenience and luxury at the touch of a button
  • Save money by upgrading and not replacing your existing roller blinds
  • Removing unwanted chains means less risk for your little ones
  • Create the ultimate settings and moods with smart home integration
  • Privacy and security features to keep your home and family safe

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Follow our step-by-step guide below to help you determine if you can purchase from our range of Rollease Acmeda Motors that will simply slide into your existing tube and away you go.

Compatible tubes include the Acmeda S40 and S45 tubes and the Rollease 38 and S50 tubes.

What else can I do with motorised blinds?

Convenience, comfort, entertainment, safety and energy management top the list as the most desired benefits from smart home automation.

Adding motors doesn't just give you the capability to make your blinds go up and down with a remote control.  With the right accessories you can control your blinds with voice commands, lower your blinds according to the sun, control your blinds remotely and set custom timers and routines. The opportunities are endless...

Can my existing roller blinds be motorised?

Step 1

Check the compatibility of your existing blinds

The first thing you need to do is make sure the bracket and tube on your existing blinds is compatible with our range of Rollease Acmeda Motors. In this video Mike takes you through the process of removing your blind and checking the bracket and tube. If they are the same profile as the ones Mike has, then you're one step closer to retrofitting!

To be 100% sure - we strongly recommend ordering a testing kit*. This kit includes a drive-wheel and a crown-wheel to try in your existing blinds. If these fit into your existing blind tube, then you're ready to go!

*Important: Checking that your blinds are compatible with our $5 test kit could save you a $100 re-stocking fee for returned motors. Click here for more.

If your existing bracket and tube aren’t compatible check out our Type B Retrofit Program

Step 2

Order the parts you need

Once you have confirmed that your existing tube and brackets are compatible, you'll need to order the right parts. This depends on the width of your blind and what size tube you have.

Compatibility Chart:

Tube Size: Blind Width Compatible Motor
Acmeda S40 or S45 570mm – 650mm Automate Zero Wire-Free Q1.1 Short
Acmeda S40 or S45 650mm - 1850mm Automate Zero Wire-Free Q1.1 Standard
Acmeda S45 650mm - 3000mm Automate Zero Wire-Free Q2.0
Rollease S38 570mm – 650mm Li-ion 1.1 Short
Rollease S38 650mm - 1850mm Li-ion 1.1
Rollease S38 650mm - 3000mm Li-ion 2.0
Rollease S50 650mm - 3000mm Li-ion 2.0

Tip! If you have a blind width greater than 1850 and an S40 tube, automation is still possible, however please contact us to discuss your options.

To operate your blinds, you will need:

  • 15 Channel Remote Control – this can control single or multiple blinds in different zones
  • Wall Charger (includes micro-USB cable) - to charge your motors
  • Scroll down to see all the accessories available for our motorised roller blinds

Step 3

Retrofit your new motors

Switching out your old chain drives for new motors is easy. With a little help from Mike in this video you will have your new motors retrofitted to your existing blinds in no time

In this video Mike will show you how to:

  • Take down your existing blind
  • Remove the chain-drive
  • Insert the motor
  • Re-install your blind into your existing brackets

Step 4

How to operate your "new" motorised blinds

Here comes the fun part! Plan and program your remote control to operate your blinds

Your motors are in and your blinds are installed. Now it's time to program your remote and get those blinds operating! Even if you have purchased a Automate Pulse 2 Hub and plan to use a home automation system to control your blinds, setting them up with the remote is still a critical step on your motorisation journey.

In this video, Mike takes you step-by-step through the process of:

  • Planning your blinds and channels
  • Programming your remote
  • Operating your blinds

Frequently asked questions

Can I retrofit Double Rollers or Linked Rollers?

Yes, there are certainly ways to retrofit Double Roller Blinds and Linking Roller Blinds. Or you can just choose to automate one of your double rollers. Due to the complexities of these products and the changes to brackets, we recommend you get in touch with us to discuss your options further.

How often will I need to charge my blinds?

Your motors will come fully charged and will be ready to go as soon as you install your blinds and program your remote control (sold separately). Depending on the type of motor you have and how often each day you use it will depend how long it lasts. Please note: plug-in chargers are sold separately and are compatible for all of our Automate Li-ion Zero motors. 1 charger per household is sufficient and comes with a 4m micro-USB cable.

How do automated blinds make my home more comfortable and improve safety

By purchasing an Automate 2 Pulse Hub, you can set various moods for each room in your house based on a timer, sunrise and/or sunset. Perfect for when you are away at work or on holidays and want to give the impression someone is home. Cold afternoon? Set a timer on your blinds to go down at the same time the heaters go on. Watching a movie? Ask your smart home device to close the sunscreen blinds. Beautiful morning outside? Watch all your blinds go up with the press of a button. Kids won’t get out of bed? Simple, open their blinds via the app or via your smart home device. The opportunities are endless

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