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Motorised Double Roller Blinds
October 27, 2023
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Easily convert your existing roller blinds into smart shades


Did you know you can quickly and easily convert your existing Roller Blinds into Smart Shades?  

Automate your home in just 15 minutes! Using your existing roller blinds, simply replace the chain drive with a motor. From there you can control your blinds via a remote control, your smartphone or use voice commands.  The benefits are endless including saving costs on your energy bills, instantly modernising your home, creating convenience and luxury all at the touch of a button! Read on to find out just how simple and cost effective it is to Retrofit motors into the Roller Blinds you already own! 

What are Smart Shades?

Smart shades, also known as smart blinds, motorised blinds or automated blinds are a type of roller blind that can be controlled remotely or through automation.  This is achieved by simply replacing the chain drive on your existing roller blinds with a Automate Li-ion rechargeable battery motor.

Why should you retrofit your blinds?

Keep the blinds you love

No need to replace your existing blinds.  Save time, money and reduce landfill by upgrading the roller blinds you already own!

Add value to your home

Instantly add convenience and luxury at the touch of a button for less.

Affordable Smart Home Integration

No hefty price tags here! And no need to buy new blinds. Create the ultimate settings and moods with smart home integration.  All you need to purchase is simply the motor and a couple of accessories such as a remote control and 1 x charger per household.  If you want to set timers, use voice control, or control your blinds from anywhere in the world via the free Automate App, add a Wifi hub to your cart.  That's it!

 Automate Motor Accessories

Your iSeekBlinds Shopping list:

Automate Li-ion Battery Motors

Blind Widths 570mm - 1849mm - Li-ion Zero Motor Q1.1Nm $189


Blind Widths 750mm - 3000mm - Select Li-ion Zero Motor Q2.0Nm $219

Motor Accessories

15 Channel Remote $89

Zero Wall Charger $45 (only 1 required per Household)

Wifi Hub $269 

Simple DIY Installation in under 15 minutes

To retrofit motors into your existing blinds all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove your existing blind from its brackets
    1. Watch this handy 3 minute video to see just how easy it is.  "How to Remove a Roller Blind"
  2. Pull out the chain drive from the end of the roller blind tube
    1. This video shows you How to  "Retrofit your Roller Blinds with Motors"
  3. Place the motor into the end of the tube where the chain drive originally was
  4. Click your blind back into the brackets
  5. Program your remote
    1. This informative video details the process step by step "How to Program your remote control for your motorised roller blinds"

Time to install = Less than 5 minutes

Time to program your remote control = approx. 5 minutes

Multiple ways to control your blinds

  1. Use your remote control - each remote comes with a handy wall panel magnetic holder, so you'll always know where the remote is!  You can control each blind individually or group your blinds to control them all together.
  2. Voice Control - Effortlessly control all of your blinds using your voice - "Hey Google / Alexa / Siri - Open the blinds"*
  3. Download the Free Automate App - and control your blinds with your smartphone, either from your couch or from anywhere in the world*

* Requires a Wifi hub 

Motorised Blinds

What are the benefits of Smart Shades?

Save on your energy bills

By motorising your roller blinds and integrating them with your smart home devices, your home will become more energy efficient.  Set your blinds to go down during the day to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.  Smart home automation will greatly assist in reducing your energy usage, delivering savings back to the house hold.

Create your own schedule

When you retrofit your existing blinds with motors, there will be no more time & effort wasted walking around the house to each individual blind, manually pulling on the chain to control your blinds.  Simply press a button and watch all your blinds go up or down at the same time! Conveniently schedule your blinds to open in the morning - wake up to natural sunlight! Automatically close your blinds at night, to give you privacy when darkness falls.  Your schedule, your way!

High or hard to reach Windows?

Now you can easily open and close your hard to reach blinds at the touch of a button or a simple command.

Hard to reach windows

Safe for Children

By removing unwanted chains, you remove all the risk of harm for your little ones and fur babies

Aesthetical Appeal

By removing unsightly chains, you will instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your windows, with a streamlined, neat & hidden presentation.

Improve Home Security

Going on a holiday?  Away for work? Set up your automation to open and close the blinds whilst you are away to give the impression you are home.

Impress your friends

Revel in their envy as your friends and family marvel at your amazing motorised blinds. Accept their compliments as to just how clever you are to have done it yourself in under 15 minutes and for such an affordable price point.  Oh and then send them to our website so they can motorise their blinds too!

Motorised Blinds

Modernise your home for less 

So there you have it!  For a couple of 'green backs' or just a few 'pineapples' you can modernise your home by retrofitting motors into your existing roller blinds in under 15 minutes! 

Next Steps to convert your blinds into Smart Shades

Exisiting iSeekBlinds Customers

If your existing blinds were originally purchased from iSeekBlinds, then retrofitting your motors is a piece of cake and as easy as you have just learnt by reading this article.

If your blinds were purchased elsewhere, simply book in for a chat with Mike and he can determine which crown and wheel you will need to fit your motor into your existing roller blind tube.

Incompatible Roller Blind?

No Problem! At iSeekBlinds, we also have a unique solution if your tubes are incompatible.  Select the Retrofit B option.  This involves purchasing a new roller blind tube cut to size. Then using our trademark Retrofit Jig, you can remove your existing fabric and simply attach onto the new tube.  Retaining your existing roller blind fabrics and enabling your motor to easily slide in.  Job Done.  It's super easy!  Watch this video to learn more -  "How to Motorise your existing Roller Blinds - Type B"

More Info

Click here to learn how to get started today!

Read our Product Reviews or Google Reviews to see just how happy our customers are with their motorised blinds!

Let us show you! The DIY process is easy to follow, and it will make a world of difference to your home, we promise.

Need some help? You can either Contact our customer service team or book in for a chat with me.


Thanks for reading!

Mike Gubby. 


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