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Plantation Shutters - Dining room Christmas
September 27, 2023
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Get Window Ready For Christmas!

Your Step by Step Guide

Christmas!  It may seem like it's a while away yet, however before we know it, Christmas is upon us!  And for some reason this happens year after year! To avoid last minute stress and to feel ready, prepared and amazing, it will pay dividends to start getting organised now.   

When it comes to your new window coverings, ordering them well before you actually need them will ensure you will receive them prior to Christmas.  In addition,  you'll have time to install them, avoid any last minute delays and be totally guest ready! To help get you started, we put together a few steps to consider:


Christmas Lounge Room Sheers

Step 1 - Plan Ahead: 

You wouldn't believe how many customers place their order just a few weeks before Christmas, not realising their blinds won't be made until the new year.  For the blinds industry, the months leading up to Christmas are the busiest times of the year.  Production schedules fill up well in advance, pushing normal manufacturing times out from a few days to a few weeks!  We need to navigate suppliers' backordering stock of the most popular fabrics and components, we experience delivery delays, and there are always last-minute fires to put out.  In addition, as manufacturers, we need to put ordering cut off dates in place almost a month out from Christmas.  So we can fulfil our promise to the customers who have already placed their orders, their blinds will be delivered in time. 

Step 2 - Choose your window coverings

Decide on the type of window coverings you want.  Roller Blinds, Curtains and Plantation Shutters all play a slightly different role when it comes to functionality and aesthetics.  Consider your style preferences, the room type, privacy needs, light control levels, whether to automate and your budget.   Can't decide? Combinations of blinds, curtains or shutters not only give you a stunning outcome, but cover multiple functional requirements as well!  When it comes to budget, by ordering from iSeekBlinds and DIY measure and install, you will be able to get exactly what you have always wanted - stunning custom-made blinds, curtains or shutters for a LOT less than traditional retailers.   Oh, and Australian Made too!

Make sure you review all the available options for each product by checking out our Product specifications guide

Christmas dining shutters

Step 3 - Order Free Fabric Samples

Now you've decided what sort of window coverings you want, its time to select from our wide range of fabrics and colours for both Roller Blinds and Curtains.  At iSeekBlinds, you can order unlimited samples, and we express post them free, so  you get them fast!  Included in your sample pack are handy check measure work sheets , as well as a reply paid envelope.  Once you have made your selection, simply send your unwanted samples back to iSeekBlinds, reducing landfill and enabling us to recycle them.

Step 4 - Measure Up

DIY is so easy with iSeekBlinds.  Using our handy check measure work sheets included in your sample pack (or you can download them from our website), visit our How To Measure video gallery to see just how easy it is to measure your windows.  Worried about getting your measurements wrong? Don't be!  If you follow the easy to understand How to measure steps, we know you will get a mm perfect fit for your windows!  Budget conscious?  Busting out some DIY moves, you will save $$$$.  Celebrate! ( oh and then consider to Automate with your savings!)

MM Perfect measurements

Step 5 - Not sure where to start, got tricky windows or just have a few questions you need answered?

Mike is offering Free Video Consultations!  When you book your 30 minute online video chat with Mike, (yup that's the guy from the video's!) he will answer all your DIY questions, review your windows with you, give you the best product advice, and ensure you not only save money, but get the best outcome for your windows!  With spots filling fast, Book in now

Step 6 - Place your order online

Ready to checkout? Review your product order details carefully to ensure everything is correct. Once your order is placed, you'll receive an instant order confirmation. When your order is processed, (that same day) it will be placed into our production schedule.  We will send you an email update to let you know the proposed manufacturing date. Generally, your order is then shipped the following business day. Now you have an indication of when you need to set some time aside to install your new blinds! 

Manufacturing Time Lines - Normally our Roller Blinds are made in 3 - 5 days, Curtains within 10 days and Plantation Shutters 2 - 3 weeks.  In the months preceding Christmas, these lead times tend to blow out with the increased demand for Christmas orders. Order now to ensure your spot in our production schedule for delivery prior to Christmas.

Step 7 - Your order is on its way

When you order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information.  Your location will determine delivery time, usually 1 - 5 days. Please note that over the Christmas period, (mid to late November, all of December) huge volumes of freight will be moving all around the country - there is a risk that some orders can get delayed or go missing.  As we use 3rd party couriers, this is outside of our control.  The earlier you place your order, the greater the chance you have, of receiving it in full in time for Christmas. 

Guest bedroom Curtains and Blinds

Step 8 - Get ready to Install

Now you know when your blinds, curtains or shutters will be arriving, it's time to get ready to install!  At iSeekBlinds our aim is to make this as easy as possible.  Our numerous customers often can't believe what they have achieved and just how easy it was by watching out How To Install videos.  Starting with mm perfect measurements, you will stand back in awe and admire your handy work, whilst doing a little jig about how much money you saved in doing it yourself!

Step 9 - It's Christmas!

Enjoy your special time with friends and family.  Relish in their envy at your awesome new window coverings, WOW them with your smart home automation (for those of you who chose to motorise your curtains and blinds - nice one!), try to get the house guests to leave, or even out of the spare room (they won't want to with those stunning sheer curtain, roller blinds or shutters!!) and most of all, take the time to congratulate yourself on a great DIY job!  Oh and if you have time, take some photos of you fab new window coverings and enter our Annual photo competition - Launching in mid Dec!

Remember those guys in the Colourbond ads standing outside their houses admiring the roof?  Well that will be you (and your guests) transfixed at your beautiful window coverings! Nudge them to get a move on to the Christmas table :)

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year - (Can't believe I just wrote that already!!)

Puppy love

Thanks for reading!

Mike Gubby. 

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