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Kitchen and dining rooms with pendant lights and double motorised roller blinds on thesliding doors and windows.
August 03, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Installing Motorised Blinds in Your Home


If you're considering adding motorised blinds to your home, this guide will walk you through the process of choosing the perfect option for your space.


If you've been following us at iSeekBlinds or are a past or current customer, you'll know we are huge fans of motorised and automated blinds and curtains.

These intelligent window treatments offer convenience, energy efficiency, and a touch of luxury that elevates any home. If you're considering adding motorised blinds to your home, this guide will walk you through the process of choosing the perfect option for your space and ensure a smooth integration into your home.

So, let's get started!

Assess Your Needs and Requirements.

Before launching into the world of motorised blinds, take some time to assess your needs and requirements. Consider factors such as the size and type of windows you have, the amount of natural light you wish to control, and your specific interior style. Are you looking for privacy, energy efficiency, or simply convenience? Understanding your priorities will help you make informed decisions during the selection process.

Decide which windows in your house you want to motorise.

Motorised blinds can be particularly handy on specific windows of your home. Think about:

  • Large or hard-to-reach windows: Motorised blinds are an excellent choice for windows that are difficult to access manually, such as windows in high-ceiling areas or stairwells. With motorised blinds, you can easily adjust them with a remote control or smartphone app without the need for a step stool or ladder.
  • Windows facing north or west: Motorised blinds can be highly beneficial if your home has windows that receive intense sunlight at certain times. You can program the blinds to automatically close during peak sun hours, preventing excessive heat gain and protecting your furniture and interior from UV damage.
  • Multiple windows in living areas: For rooms with multiple windows, like living rooms and dining areas, motorised blinds offer the convenience of operating the blinds simultaneously without having to adjust each blind individually.
  • Bedroom windows: Motorised blinds can be particularly advantageous in bedrooms, as they allow for convenient adjustments from the comfort of your bed. Pre-programming the blinds to open gradually in the morning can simulate a natural wake-up experience, helping you start your day feeling refreshed.
  • Windows in media rooms or home theatres: Motorised blinds are ideal for media rooms or home theatres where light control is crucial. With a single command, you can darken the room and eliminate glare on the screen, creating a perfect movie-watching environment.
  • Windows in homes with children or pets: For families with young children or pets, motorised blinds with cordless operation enhance safety by eliminating the risk of entanglement.


Choose your power option.

Motorised blinds are either hard-wired into your home's electricity source, or operated via battery power. At iSeekBlinds, we use rechargeable, ultra quiet, lithium-ion battery motors that are completely wire-free, for a few simple reasons:

  • Easy and quick installation: you don't need an electrician to install battery-powered motorised blinds and they are easy to DIY install!
  • Micro USB charging: Quickly and conveniently charge the motor with any micro USB cable charger.
  • Battery check action: Easily check battery level with one touch of the remote, moving the shade to indicate battery percentage.
Great for small spaces: Our wire-free motors are perfect for small to medium shade applications.
  • Easy to retrofit: The Zero Li-ion Series can be retrofit onto existing smaller roller blinds from 580mm wide up to medium-sized 3 metre wide blinds, and even longer when used in conjunction with a linking solution.
  • Affordable price point: Our motors are much more affordable than hard-wired motors, and you save money on professional installation as well. Winning!

Automate roller blind battery motor and accessories from iSeekBlinds and Rollease Acmeda.

Consider your fabric options.

Motorised blinds come in various materials and fabrics, suitable for different rooms and situations. Depending on your style preferences and functional requirements, choose from blockout, light filter or sunscreen fabrics. Remember that the fabric you select will influence the blinds' appearance, durability, insulation properties, and the level of light control.

Visit our roller blind fabrics page to check out your options and order free samples.


Integration with Smart Home Systems.

Ensure that the motorised blinds you choose are compatible with your existing smart home system or the one you plan to install. Popular options like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit offer seamless integration, allowing you to control the blinds with voice commands or through a smartphone app.

Our roller blind motors can be integrated into your home automation system via the Automate app. Find out more about how it all works here.

Living room with a coffee table, tv and plant featuring white sunscreen roller blinds in the window and doors with a view to the courtyard outside.

Professional vs. DIY Installation

At iSeekBlinds, we are all about empowering our customers to DIY!

While some motorised blinds require professional installation for optimal performance and safety - others, like our motorised blinds - can be installed as a DIY project.

Our handy how-to videos and guides take you through the measuring and installation process, showing you just how easy it is. Visit our how-to guides or our YouTube channel to learn more.

But if you need help or have any questions, you can book a free 30 minute video consultation with our Founder and resident DIY expert, Mike Gubby.


Motorisation Features.

Explore the various motorisation features available, such as wall switches, remote controls, or smartphone apps. Some advanced systems—like the ones we recommend—also offer timers, sun sensors, or voice-activated control.

Choose the features that align with your lifestyle and preferences to maximise the convenience of your motorised blinds.


Adding motorised blinds to your home is a valuable investment that enhances comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. By following our ultimate guide, you can be confident when choosing the perfect motorised blinds for your space and ensure a smooth installation process.


What next?

If you’re in need of some inspiration, visit our gallery or Instagram page for ideas and real-life photos from our customers.  Once you’ve decided which product you prefer, make use of our free fabric samples. They will allow you to see and feel the fabrics before selecting the one you like best.

So, if you've got a home that could benefit from a refresh, let us help you! The DIY process is easy to follow, and it will make a world of difference to your home, we promise.

Need some help? You can either Contact our customer service team or book in a free design consultation with me.


Thanks for reading!

Mike Gubby. 


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