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A contemporary apartment with a wall of beautiful white sheer curtains next to an in-built fireplace.
May 31, 2023
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How to select curtains for your home.

5 considerations when selecting curtains for every room.

When it comes time to install new curtains, the choices can seem overwhelming. Should you select a cheaper option to save money? How do you choose the fabric and style for each room?

Thankfully, curtain selection doesn't have to be over-complicated. This guide is here to help make your choice a much easier one. 

You don't have to choose between cost and quality. At iSeekBlinds, we offer the best price on high quality, custom-made curtains that you can DIY install. We make it easy to shop for curtains in every room of the house.


1. Know the purpose of the room

The best place to start when selecting curtains is to decide what you need them to achieve. While curtains serve to add texture and style to any room, they also need to be practical!

For example, in living areas, you may want to achieve privacy during the day—this can be best achieved with sheer curtains. These lighter fabrics are beautiful and practical, plus our wide range of fabrics gives you the flexibility to design the room in your style. For evening privacy and insulation, look to add a blockout blind behind your sheers, or install blockout curtains as an alternative (effectively having double curtains). 

In bedrooms, the main goal is usually blocking out light to allow you to get a better night's sleep. Heavier, blockout drapes paired with sheer curtains may be more suitable.

2. Choose the tracks and installation options

There are a few different ways that you can hang curtains. You can choose to mount curtain tracks on the ceiling or the wall above the window architrave. Ceiling-mounted curtains will add the perception of height to the room.

You can also choose between standard curtain tracks and motorised tracks. You may choose to motorise the curtain tracks in bedrooms, allowing you to let the light in each morning without getting out of bed.

Our S-fold curtains are designed to fit our S-fold curtain tracks. This modern design creates less bulky 'stacking' of fabric when the curtains are open. You'll have a better view from the window, with more natural light entering the room.

S-fold curtains hang gracefully in dynamic waves of fabric when closed. When s-fold curtains are open, the pattern and fabric colour is still visible, and the curtains frame the open window beautifully.

3. Choosing curtain fabric

This step is key to curtains that will last and meet your aesthetic goals. At this step, consider the room's purpose to decide what you need the curtains to achieve.

Blockout fabrics are heavy to midweight, will block the light completely and are great for darkening rooms and providing nighttime privacy. 

Sheer fabrics are lighter in weight, gently filter the natural light and provide daytime privacy, making them ideal for any room of the home.  

You can order free fabric samples from our website so that you can make an informed decision for your home. 

Insulating the room

Another consideration is the insulating properties of the fabric. Reducing heat transfer at windows can help to maintain the indoor temperature and contribute to reducing power costs.

Blockout fabrics either have an blockout coating or separate lining, and therefore have the highest insulation properties. Layering blockout curtains with sheers can help to keep a room warm in winter or cool in summer.

Matching your lifestyle

The curtain fabric you choose needs to suit your lifestyle. If you have a young family or pets, you might opt for more durable curtain fabric for areas of high traffic and use.

Choosing curtains that are easy to clean makes the annual spring clean faster. Delicate or high-maintenance fabrics can be kept for a formal dining room, formal lounge or master bedroom.

Keeping you and your loved ones healthy and safe at home

Finally, it's important to remember that curtain fabric should protect you from UV rays from the sun when inside your home. Choosing natural fabric designed for the Australian climate, with flame retardant properties, will contribute to keeping those inside the home healthy and safe. You can learn more about our fabrics here

Luxurious and cost master bedroom with beige coloured blockout curtains on the end wall.

4. Curtain colour and texture selection

While curtain colour selection is a personal preference, there are some guidelines you can follow.

  • Match curtains to other decor items such as furniture, cushions or throws to complete a look
  • Select colours that are either a few shades lighter or a few shades darker than your walls
  • Choose lighter colours to make a room appear larger
  • Dark colours provide a contemporary vibe and are less likely to show dust
  • Solid and neutral colours are easy to match with your decor
  • Bright, contrasting colours or prints can make the window a feature of the room
  • If you choose a patterned fabric, it's worth noting that a tiny, intricate pattern will appear to be texture when viewed from a distance.

5. The advantages of custom made over off-the-shelf curtains

If your windows are a standard size, off-the-shelf curtains may be suitable. That said, if there's a particular aesthetic you want to achieve, having your curtains custom made means that you can order curtains made to fir your windows and select the fabric, too. This will give you the best result, ensuring your curtains fit your windows perfectly!

With custom made curtains, you can choose the drop style, length and mounting style to achieve the look that you want for every room. Plus, you can install custom made curtains yourself with plenty of support and advice from our friendly team.

What next?

If you’re in need of some inspiration, visit our gallery or Instagram page for ideas and real-life photos from our customers.  Once you’ve decided which product you prefer, make use of our free fabric samples. They will allow you to see and feel the fabrics before selecting the one you like best.

So, if you've got a home that could benefit from a refresh, let us help you! The DIY process is easy to follow, and it will make a world of difference to your home, we promise.

Need some help? You can either Contact our customer service team or book in a free design consultation with me.


Thanks for reading!

Mike Gubby. 

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