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Beautiful sheer curtains in a cosy living room with a modern leather sofa.
December 12, 2022
Customer Outcomes Inspiration Gallery Living room

Sheer Curtains | Emma Chambers, ACT (5)

Emma says...

We took our time to decide on the best solutions for our space. We have a long room with high windows. The existing timber venetian blinds had provided the privacy we liked but were outdated and created a very strong, linear aesthetic that wasn't particularly welcoming in our living space. We hoped to add some softness and texture, whilst maintaining privacy, with our new window furnishings.


Looking through iSeekBlinds Instagram account helped us to decide on what would work best, so using some of the images for inspiration ordered our sample fabrics and this really helped us with our decisions. We could see how tactile the fabrics were, the quality as well as test the colours in the room at different times of day. We then used Michael's videos to plan our space, they were really informative and easy to understand. This meant we were able to measure up and decide on the roller blind layouts with confidence., and figure out the curtain measurements (and debate our preferences!).


The ordering process was simple, and useful that you could save the order and come back to it. To our utter surprise the blinds and curtains arrived in record time. I think it was about 12 days or so.


Installing the blinds and curtains was pretty straight-forward for my handy and perfectionist husband. It probably took a full day, but we spread it across our Easter weekend. The blinds were the trickiest to get the spacing right because we had to install hard up against another wall and partly inside the window frames. But when resolved this meant the spacing was super flush and no gaps.


By Sunday we had linked the motorised blinds up to the hub and can now use our Google Home to instruct them to open and close. The cat is slightly weirded out, but we love it! The room is transformed and we couldn't be happier with the result.


Sheer Fabric: Bali Blush

Motorised blockout roller blinds behind sheers 

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